Catherine Woodiwiss

Austin, Texas

Catherine Woodiwiss

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The Aesthetics of Joy

Joyful design has the ability to provoke the public conscience.
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Design and the Pursuit of Justice

Shaping our democracy around the experiences of the most marginalized is a practical way to design.
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How Christians in Kenya Are Trying to Hack Corruption

In Nairobi, religion and technology—two of its most robust economies—don’t always know how to speak to each other.
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Can Museums Build Empathy for Survivors of War?

“It seems as if Americans have signed onto a pact of forgetting: a collective effort to expunge all memory of the war in Afghanistan.”
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Are Doomed Inventors Our Society's Icarus?

You have to feel for Segway's Dean Kamen, who probably gets tired of hearing about his own death.
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Online Journalists Are Reporting PTSD-Like Symptoms

And our digital networks may hold the answer.
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Americans’ Quest for the Christmas of Their Childhoods

Nostalgia isn’t just a feeling. It’s a commodity.
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A Religious Leader for the Resisterhood

An Evangelical Texan is now using her pulpit to fight Trumpism. Will her flock follow?
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The Endearing, Convicting Privacy of 'On This Day'

Of all the ways to be Facebook shamed, I hadn’t counted on my old selves.
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The Heartbeat of Deep Space

The first thing NASA cinematographer Nasreen Alkhateeb does when approaching new stories is to look for the heartbeat.
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Brave New Technology. Same Old Fears.

These days, Americans don’t need a formative youth in post-soviet Romania to be uneasy about omnipresent surveillance.
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The Day That Had Two Noons

As far as we know, the existentia of Nov. 18, 1883, was largely observed with pragmatism.
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Catherine Woodiwiss

I'm a journalist in Austin, Texas, and designing at Austin Center for Design. Previously, I was deputy online editor for Sojourners in Washington, DC. My work focuses on culture, tech, and religion.

My work was featured in The New York Times and has recently appeared in The Atlantic, Pacific Standard, The Washington Post, ThinkProgress, and Books & Culture.

My favorite posture is ethnographer, tracing the evolutions of ideas and rituals through time and place.

Previously, I co-founded Trestles, a service design consultancy for creative economies in DC and Raleigh/Durham, and co-launched Homestage, a DIY house show network in DC.

In 2014, I spoke on collaborative solutions and "Do It Together" design models at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

A collection of my reporting on sexual abuse in Christian communities, "I Believe You: Sexual Violence and the Church," was published the same year (avail on Amazon).

Interaction Design, AC4D, 2018-present

Featured Columnist, Sojourners Magazine, 2016-present

Award, Science for Religion Reporters, AAAS/DoSER, 2016

Fellow, International Reporting Project, Johns Hopkins (Technology + Religion), 2015

Award of Excellence, Editorial or Opinion, ACP 2015

Award of Mention, Book (Nonfiction), ACP 2015

Fellow, Radio/Film, Media Institute for Social Change

Member, Religion Newswriters Association